free youtube automation tool

In this article we will understand how using youtube automation tools can make your content creation journey essay effective such that you can grow your youtube channel.

Table of Contents

    1. What is youtube automation ?

    In simple words to understand we can say that it is a process that is used by third party softwares to automate actions of YouTube like video upload videos, generate tags, title generator, schedule video content, etc. Today using youtube automation people are building their passive income also.There are lots of tools and softwares available in the market for youtube automation that we will come to know in this article.

    2. Why youtube automation ?

    Let us know why any content creators need a youtube automation tool and how youtube automation makes your content creation journey very easy and effective. The reason why most early content creators face a problem to get views or to viral videos on youtube is because they don’t do keyword research.

    Keyword research helps content creators find out what keyword people are searching for in the market and what is the volume of the keyword. This gives a clear idea on what topic the video is to be created.

    There are also lots of other factors where youtube automation tools play an important role for content creators youtube automation example are:

    • Finding the video SEO score.
    • Generating tags for Youtube videos
    • Video thumbnail downloader
    • Youtube title generator
    • Competitor channel analysis
    • Automate video uploads

    and a lot more you can do with using youtube automation tools.

    3. Types of youtube automation tools

    There are lots of paid youtube automation tools in the market but there are very few free and working tools that are meant for early content creators as they cannot afford to pay at the time of their growth.

    Lets us know about these tools in details:

    • TubeBuddy (Paid Tool)
    • Trendingtags (Free Tool for Community)

    TubeBuddy (Paid Tool)

    TubeBuddy is a paid tool that comes with a browser extension and offers SEO optimization to all your content through content suggestions protocol that is based on keywords of your content. TubeBuddy helps you find out content ideas and once you find the content idea it will help you optimize the video by suggesting video title, tags, topic and captions. This helps your video to optimize properly and increase your views.

    Trendingtags (Free tool for community)

    Trendingtags is a free tool for the content creator, it offers all the service which is being offered by paid tools like tubebuddy because most of the early content creators cannot afford paid tools. Using this free tool you can effectively grow your youtube channel. Not only this you can also use trending tags tool for social media growth for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Now let us know about the features of

    Trendingtags features:

    • Content ideas suggestions
    • Search keyword ideas with their volume
    • Youtube video SEO score
    • Youtube tag generator
    • Youtube title generator
    • Search top video tags
    • Extract shorts tags and video tags
    • Youtube thumbnail downloader
    • Youtube video downloader

    and much more to explore using Trendingtags tools.

    4. How to SEO youtube videos

    SEO youtube video means optimizing youtube videos keywords, descriptions, tags, title, caption such that if people search for the related keyword your youtube video is displayed in largest search engine google or youtube search.

    This can be only done by doing keyword research and to do this you can use either TubeBuddy paid tool or Trendingtags free keyword research tool which will save time and money.

    5. How to do video marketing

    Video marketing can be done by the digital marketing and youtube marketer strategy and to do this you need to identify your goal and need to find out about your target audience. Once you know who your target audience is, you need to know what keyword people are searching for and based on the keywords you have to optimize your keyword such that you can target your audience based on the number of searches your audience does and it is only possible by doing right keyword research.


    Now we can understand how youtube automation can help any content creators grow their youtube channel effectively specially for the early content creators who struggle a lot to get views on their youtube videos. Try trending tags tool for free youtube automation and for social media growth.