How to extract tags from youtube shorts using Trendingtags

In this article we will be knowing how we can use trendingtags tool for youtube shorts tags extractor and youtube tag extractor and what are the different ways to extract tags from youtube video or extract youtube tags. The primary focus of trendingtags tool is to help you with youtube video tag extractor or youtube keyword extractor which will help you make your things easy as early content creator and grow faster in youtube.

TrendingTags Tool

So, before we start let us first know about what youtube shorts are? As per youtube it is a feature by which people can connect with people using smartphones. It helps to create 60 second short video that can easily be created using any smartphone.

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Table of Contents

    1. Why video SEO is important for youtube and google

    Today, not only video SEO but every content we want to share online needs a better SEO to get the visibility. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and the more we optimize our online content the higher the chance of visibility. As we know billions of people use Google and YouTube for their searches so it is very important we should do proper SEO of our content before we make it live.

    Video SEO enables content creators to get their videos visible in search results and get more views. So it is important for content creators to do proper SEO by optimising the video title description. This will help to get videos visible in search results and improve the youtube channel.

    2. How does youtube video tag extractor works

    Our online tool makes tags extracting very easy. Trendingtags search for trending videos on youtube and find the data of all the trending youtube videos from YouTube API. Then it suggest you the best tags so that you can copy tags to your video easily.

    3. How to use tag extractor tool as tag extractor youtube shorts

    So, tag extractor is part of Tags Explorer that is provided by Trendingtags tool which provides lots of other features to extract trending tags from other social platform to find out trending tags.

    To use tags extractor follow the steps below:

    • First visit Trendingtags page
    • Select the YouTube Tags tab
    • Type the keyword for which you want to see the tags
    • Now Trendingtags will display matching keywords trending tags that you can use to copy tags

    4. How to use video in search to extract tags from a youtube video

    This was one of the best features that every youtuber wanted to use and Trendingtags has a video in search feature to make extracting tags from a youtube video easy. Trendingtags display tags side by side for every youtube video you search.

    5. How to get youtube video on first page by entering video title

    This is the place where Trendingtags plays an important role to help you get your video on the first page. It is very important that without proper SEO and use of trending tags it is very difficult to get videos on the first page.

    To get the videos of first page you must follow the below steps:

    • SEO your youtube video title
    • SEO your youtube video description
    • Use attractive video thumbnail
    • Use trending tags in your youtube videos

    Following the above steps will help you get your videos rank on the first page.

    6. How does extracting youtube video works in online tool

    Extracting youtube video is very simple with the help of YouTube API provided by Google extracting youtube video becomes very easy. Trendingtags uses YouTube API to get details of video and extract youtube video based on the url of the youtube video you provide. Read more about YouTube API to understand more on how it works and how online tool are making use of it.

    7. How to improve visibility of youtube shorts in search results

    Not just to SEO your video title and description. A simple way that works out well for youtube shorts to improve the visibility in search results is by extracting trending youtube video tags. And using it with youtube shorts which improves the chance of youtube shorts visibility in search results.


    So, just using youtube video tag extractor tags with your youtube video or shorts is very helpful if an early youtube who wants to get their video visible but at the same time SEO is also very important. So one should try all the factors as an early content creators who want to get views on their youtube videos.